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Extractor Fans Now Available At Reasonable Prices In Uk

  • Posted on April 8, 2014 at 4:16 am

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Extractor Fans – Now Available at Reasonable Prices in UK


Keanu Lowell

An extractor fan is one of the most common accessories of any home as it helps to remove smoke, pollutants, and combustion products from your home and provide you fresh air. Nowadays a large number of different extractor fans options available in market at reasonable prices for different rooms like bathrooms, shower rooms, kitchens and utility rooms. A right and high quality extractor fan will assist in removing the excess moisture from your home.

Electricalplanet – A great range for your home

Electricalplanet offers a wide range of extractor fans where you will find a number of quality extractor fans from some of the best manufacturers. There are many places in the house where fans should be installed like bathrooms, kitchens and utilizes etc. We provide you quality extractor fans in different designs, styles and shapes so that you can find exactly the best one for your home.

It provides you an array of features so it can be used in bathrooms or kitchens ensure it sends the damp air out of home and provides you healthier air.

Extractor Fans for Bathrooms

Bathrooms are the places where, extractor fans should be installed because bathroom extractor fans can extract the moist and stale air out of it. We offer you an ample collection of stylish

Xpelair Bathroom Extractor Fans

and Manrose Showerlite Fans that will control moisture and provide you proper ventilation. Xpelair Premier Bathroom Fan will provide an elegant finishing touch to your bathroom. Some designs are:

YouTube Preview Image

A1 – Xpelair Premier CF20

A2- Xpelair Premier CF20T

A3 – Xpelair Premier LVCF20

Extractor Fans for Kitchens

Extractor fans are very important for kitchens because indoor pollution mostly comes from the kitchen. A collection of high quality

Xpelair kitchen Extractor Fans

are available at electriclplanet in small cost. These fans will pull out frying grease, steam, and excess moisture from cooking and keep the clean and fresh air in your kitchen. Cheap and perfect Xpelair kitchen Extractor Fans are available in two types:

C1 -Xpelair Kitchen Axial Fan GXC6

C2 -Xpelair Kitchen Axial Fan GXC9

Extractor Fans for utility rooms

Most bathrooms have an Extractor Fan which is used for proper ventilation. Sprays and paint fumes can build up to toxic levels in utility room and it must be ventilated out as quickly as possible so that we provide you right extractor fan for your needs. These extractor fans are perfect to give clean and fresh air for breathing. There are three main types of smart and stylish bathroom extractor fans:




There are several other types of Extractor Fans available in different designs and shapes, these are only a few of the most popular. Electricalplanet supplies the best quality and stability of the Extractor Fans at reasonable prices which can easily fit in your budget. For more information regarding Extractor Fans you can contact our technical team or visit at


Electricalplanet has been supplying a wide variety of high quality

Extractor fans

which include

Xpelair Extractor Fans


Manrose Showerlite Fans

to customers throughout the UK. These extractor fans will assist in removing the excess moisture from your kitchen and bathroom etc.

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What Are Typical Sod Prices

  • Posted on April 2, 2014 at 4:24 am

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What Are Typical Sod Prices


James Dalton

For homeowners, they love to have great looking lawns. To gain this, they might go through some amounts of extremes. One way to achieve the desired look is byplanting sod. Locating the lowest prices to have sod installed, is one quest of many people. This article will look on the cost of sod and look at the many different factors that will lead to the general cost.

Lawn or turf that is grown with the main reason of being resold is called sod. It is often divided into squares and rolls and there are various varieties that are grown. Places that need a new and immediate lawn often use sod. For individuals who use this product, they often purchase it on the day they need it, because it dries out very quickly.

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Many different factors can add to the general cost of sod. The price can rise drastically if it is professionally laid. If you install it yourself, you are likely to save yourself some money. When ordering sod, the amount and the type can add a drastic cost to the product. The price will go up depending on how much you purchse. How expensive the sod you order will also depend on the person that you purchase it from. Looking around for the best price is always a good option.

For countless reasons, the price of sod will vary, as stated above. For people who are looking at buying the product, you can get an estimate of how much it costs by looking at the average prices. If you purchase your sod directly from the farm, you can expect to pay around $1.25 per sq yard. If you are looking at purchasing a different variety of turf, then you can expect to pay $105 for a pallet of centipede sod, $140 for St Augustine and Bermuda can be bought for around $105.00. A piece of sod can range from $1.00 upwards, this works if that?s what you want.

To get the best price of sod, there are some simple tips that can be followed to enable you to achieve this. It is best to get different quotes, from wherever youare thinking of on purchasing your product. You can also save some money doing it yourself, this would mean that you look around for cheap prices of tolls or labor. Locating different landscapers to do it is always a choice you have, If you do not want to do it yourself.

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Price of Sod

visit the website. The writer of the article James Dalton writes because he has a passion. This is shown on the various types of topics that he writes on. You can see articles he has written on topics such as

Sod Prices


Sod Fertilizer

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The Income Hybrid Program Can Help You Earn Cash Online

  • Posted on March 11, 2014 at 4:47 am

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Submitted by: Jacquelin Dechert

The Internet is a great place to turn for those that are looking to make some extra money but you will need a program that can show you how to do this. With regards to making cash online one of the best ways to accomplish this is with affiliate marketing programs and you are able to find courses that can teach you just how to accomplish this using a number of different methods. Finding something that can generate money and then repeating the process again and again again will be one of the greatest ways you’re going to be able to earn money as an affiliate marketer. On this page we are going to be looking at the Income Hybrid program which can show you just how to set up money making web pages very quickly.

The introduction video which you are able to find on their home page will tell you that this program is something you’ve never seen before nevertheless they do not clarify the details of how the system works. The different software’s that you obtain with this program will automatically create Face Book fan pages for you, and the web page will be filled with your affiliate information to earn money. Creating a fan pages not that difficult nevertheless it can be time consuming and mainly because this software can do it so quickly you could end up developing multiple fan pages every hour. Of course the more fame pages you have set up the more money you are going to have the ability to create which is what makes this software such a valuable piece of software.

YouTube Preview Image

I am certain you already understand that face book is one of the most popular web sites across the Internet today and it gets millions of hits daily. Something that many men and women never think about would be the fact that you are able to develop as many fan pages as you want on face book, and that means you could have hundreds of pages marketing affiliate products for you. Due to the huge potential of visitors you are able to have going to these pages, together with the quantity of pages you’ll have, your income potential is practically unlimited.

Yet another thing worth mentioning about this program is you don’t need to choose just one affiliate program to join as they have multiple possibilities for integrating different types of affiliate programs. They have obviously made it simple to use ClickBank but you’ll also discover that you could use other affiliate programs such as Amazon or Ebay. Another thing you’re going to find is that this program will be a a fantastic way to wind up building your subscriber list as well.

For individuals wondering just how much the software’s are going to cost you’re going to find that you are able to purchase them right now for just $47.00. One final thing worth mentioning would be that you can try this risk free for 60 days as they offer you a 100% cash back guarantee in case you are unsatisfied with the product.

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2010 Komen St. Louis Race for the Cure becomes world’s largest Komen race

  • Posted on March 10, 2014 at 4:26 am

Saturday, June 12, 2010 

The 2010 Susan G. Komen St. Louis Race for the Cure, held earlier today in St. Louis, Missouri, became the world’s largest Race for the Cure, with over 71,000 participants.

2010 marks the twelfth year for the race in St. Louis, which raises money for breast cancer research nationwide. Originally brought to the city in 1999, it has raised over US$19 million. It was sponsored by Wells Fargo Advisors, a locally-headquartered brokerage firm of the financial services provider Wells Fargo. Nationally, the Race for the Cure is hosted by Susan G. Komen for the Cure, a non-profit organization supporting breast cancer research.

In 1999, there were only about 10,000 participants in the St. Louis Race for the Cure. In recent years, the number has grown to over 60,000, and today’s 5K race saw over 71,000 runners, walkers, and wheelchair racers. Despite the heat and humidity, 1,090 teams signed up, and over 4,500 breast cancer survivors participated. Overall, the race raised more than US$3.3 million. A phone bank set up by Wells Fargo and local television station KSDK contributed over US$28,000 of that amount in four hours.

Prior to the race, there was a parade of all the breast cancer survivors who had signed up for the race. The actual competition began at 8:30 a.m. CDT (1330 UTC) with the wheelchair race. Following them were the timed runners, the untimed runners, the walkers, and lastly, the “fun walk” participants, who had only opted to walk one mile (1.6 kilometres).

The Komen St. Louis Race for the Cure is only one of many Races for the Cure, which is the largest group of 5K runs and walks in the world. The first Komen race was held in 1983 in Dallas, Texas, but has since spread to over 140 cities throughout the world. Proceeds from today’s St. Louis race will benefit both local institutions and the rest of the United States. At least 25 percent of the money raised will go toward funding national research on breast cancer, while the rest will be given to organizations in St. Louis for breast cancer awareness programs.

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Scientist: Sulfur remedy for greenhouse effect backed by data

  • Posted on March 10, 2014 at 4:26 am

Sunday, December 17, 2006 

Nobel Prize winner Professor Paul J. Crutzen has stated he has data to support his controversial claim that injecting sulfur into the atmosphere would negate the greenhouse effect.

The data is intended to quiet critics of the theory he first discussed in the scientific journal Climatic Change in August, 2006.

The 1995 Nobel Prize winner in chemistry stated “Our calculations using the best models available have shown that injecting 1 million tonnes of sulfur a year would cool down the climate so the greenhouse effect is wiped out.”

The theory uses the idea that an added layer of sulfates in the stratosphere, approximately 16 kilometres above the earth, would reflect sunlight back into space and reduce the amount of solar radiation reaching the Earth’s surface.

Critics have shown that the earth has struggled for decades to reduce sulfur pollution, and how it is a component of acid rain that kills plantlife and animals.

A large-scale experiment would be impossible to conduct, however scientists have noticed that massive volcanic eruptions have had similar effects on the earth. The 1991 eruption of Mount Pinatubo in the Philippines lowered temperatures around the world for two years, according to data taken at the time.

Crutzen resparked discussion on the topic, a theory which has been dismissed up until now as dangerous. “Until August this was a taboo issue. But the paper I published really set off some movement in this area. It never hit the level of seriousness which it has taken in the past months,” Crutzen said.

Environmental groups are skeptical but agree the idea should be investigated. “This idea should be examined and as a last resort it can buy us a few decades,” said Steve Sawyer, a policy adviser for Greenpeace International.

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Study: cognitive therapy as good as medication, but lasts longer

  • Posted on March 10, 2014 at 4:25 am

Wednesday, April 6, 2005  A landmark study comparing effectiveness in reducing major depression of two forms of initial treatment — cognitive therapy which involves discussing thought processes with a qualified counselor, vs medication — has revealed that both forms of therapy reduce depression, but that the benefits of cognitive therapy last longer than those of medication. The study finding contradicts current treatment guidelines of the American Psychiatric Association (APA).

The 16-week study, by researchers at the University of Pennsylvania and Vanderbilt University, was the largest trial yet undertaken to resolve the years-old debate. Two-hundred-and-forty patients with moderate-to-severe depression were given one or other of the treatments, or a purposely-ineffective placebo. Study representatives described the two treatments about equally effective — both much more effective than the placebo — but with the positive effect of talk-therapy lasting longer.

In fact, the cognitive therapy group saw only as many relapses as a another group that had continued to receive drug therapy.

“We believe that cognitive therapy might have more lasting effects because it equips patients with the tools they need to learn how to manage their problems and emotions,” said Robert DeRubeis, professor and chair of Penn’s Department of Psychology. “Pharmaceuticals, while effective, offer no long term cure for the symptoms of depression. For many people, cognitive therapy might prove to be the preferred form of treatment.”

“Medication is often an appropriate treatment, but drugs have drawbacks, such as side effects or a diminished efficacy over time,” DeRubeis said. “Patients with depression are often overwhelmed by other factors in their life that pills simply cannot solve. In many cases, cognitive therapy succeeds because it teaches the skills that help people cope.”

Researchers pointed out that while the effectiveness of cognitive therapy depended largely on the experience of the practitioner, the same was true of medication, due to the judgement required in prescribing correct dosages of drugs.

The APA declined to comment, on the basis that a quote appearing on Wikinews could be distorted by subsequent edits of the article.

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  • Posted on March 10, 2014 at 4:25 am

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Matthew Hill

  • Posted on March 10, 2014 at 4:25 am

Matthew Joseph Hill (born December 4, 1978 at Fort Wayne, Indiana) is a talk show host,[2] co-owner of Right Way Marketing, LLC, and a member of the Tennessee House of Representatives, representing the Tennessee General Assembly 7th House District (part of Washington County within northeast Tennessee).[3]

Hill is the eldest son of Rev. Dr. Kenneth C. and Janet Hill and grew up in northeast Tennessee while attending public, private, and home schools at different times as a student. Hill graduated from Tri-Cities Christian High School[4] and then went on to earn an Associate degree from Northeast State Technical Community College during 2001.[5] Hill later completed a Bachelor of Science degree in Mass Communication from East Tennessee State University.[3][4]

Matthew Hill participated in the April 17, 1999 Bristol protest rally coordinated with International Action Center international protests against the U.S. military intervention during the Kosovo War.[6]

Hill is employed by his father, Rev. Dr. Kenneth “Ken” C. Hill,[7][8] as Information Communications Corporation, Inc. Vice President and as an Evangelical Methodist broadcaster with WHCB 91.5 FM (Dr. Hill also serves as the president of the 501(c)(3) Appalachian Educational Communications Corporation that owns WHCB 91.5 FM and the Cameo Theater).[9][10] Dr. Kenneth Hill is a former Sullivan County State Executive Committee Member to the Tennessee Republican Party (2005–2008),[11] a current Director of the Tennessee Regulatory Authority,[12] and is also a president of the now defunct State of Franklin political action committee. Dr. Kenneth Hill was in late 2005 nominated by then U.S. Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist in 2005 for appointment as commissioner with the U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC).[13] Dr. Hill has also served secretary of the General Conference of the Evangelical Methodist Church and as chairman of the Publications Board of the Evangelical Methodist Church.[14]

At the time of his first campaign for the Tennessee General Assembly in 2004, Matthew Hill worked concurrently as operations manager of the Information Communications Corporation, Inc., while hosting “Good Morning Tri-Cities” on WPWT “PowerTalk” 870 AM for seven years[4] Hill is a children’s radio show host of the weekday broadcast of the Bible Buddies WHCB Kid’s Show with Mr. Matthew[15] featuring Christian Rock music and had formerly hosted the The Matthew Hill Show[16] broadcast radio program that was at one time accessible online as an archived free podcast.

Hill is a director and co-owner of the Blountville, Tennessee based Right Way Marketing, LLC political telemarketing firm (along with his brother, Timothy A. Hill, and his mother, Janet Hill) and the Any Lab Test Now Johnson City medical lab testing franchise (Healthy Living LLC) with his father, Kenneth C. Hill.[17]

Rep. Hill’s younger brother, Timothy Aaron Hill, was formerly employed as a press secretary by U.S. Representative David Davis[18] and is also himself a former WPWT 870AM Good Morning Tri-Cities[19] conservative talk radio show host. Timothy Hill lost his 2010 election bid as the Republican primary candidate for the Tennessee General Assembly 3rd House District seat.[20][21] Timothy Hill was later elected during 2012 from the newly gerrymander Tennessee 3rd House District to his first term within the Tennessee House of Representatives, making this event the first time that two brothers have been elected into the Tennessee General Assembly while serving during the same session.[22]

Hill was first elected to the Tennessee House of Representatives in 2004 as a member of the Republican Party. Hill was then a member of the Children and Family Affairs Committee, the Transportation Committee, the Domestic Relations Subcommittee, and the Public Safety and Rural Roads Subcommittee.

During the 2004 7th House District election, Hill was quoted by a local newspaper as stating that he “would only vote for an income tax if there was a war.”[9]

A 2005 article within Business Tennessee Magazine cited Hill as a “…firebrand political conservative,” who “…championed social issues to recently get elected to the state House of Representatives representing Johnson City and Washington County.”[23]

Hill was first re-elected to the Tennessee House of Representatives in 2006, defeating Fred Phillips, former Washington County Sheriff and Tennessee Department of Safety Director, in the general election.[24][25]

Among the 2006 legislation sponsored by Hill in the Tennessee General Assembly is HB2921, authorizing (upon passage) “…the display, in county and municipal public buildings…, of replicas of historical documents and writings” including the Ten Commandments religious displays. Former Rep. Jerome Cochran of Carter County introduced HB2921 in the Tennessee House Constitutional Protections subcommittee[26] – of which Hill is not a standing member – and Hill’s HB2921 legislation died peacefully in subcommittee.[27]

Another 2006 bill introduced by Matthew Hill, HB2924,[28] would make child rape a capital offense, punishable by death or life imprisonment and would cost Tennessee taxpayers over $15 million each year to carry out the proposal.[29] Hill’s HB2924 failed in both the House and the Senate during the 2006 legislative session. The Senate version of Hill’s child rape bill, SB2490, was sponsored by State Senator Raymond Finney. Finney has stated since the defeat of both HB2924 and SB2490 within the Tennessee General Assembly that he “…does not plan to continue with his bill.”[30]

Rep. Hill was among a handful of Tennessee General Assembly Members within the House of Representatives widely reported during 2009 as a “birther”, demanding that U.S President Barack Obama be compelled to present Hill and other legislators with a certified copy of Obama’s Hawaiian birth certificate.[15] At the National Religious Broadcasters Convention in Nashville, Hill interviewed the nationally noted “birther” conspiracy advocate Dr. Orly Taitz for a February 10 segment podcasted online by the IRN The Matthew Hill Show.[31]

The Nashville Scene reported on February 9, 2010 that Rep. Matthew Hill introduced his HB2683,[32] legislation that “…would transfer all commercial vehicle inspection and enforcement duties from the Safety Department to the Tennessee Regulatory Authority.” The Nashville Scene article also observed that as Rep. Hill’s father is a Tennessee Regulatory Authority Director, Hill’s proposed TRA legislation would, “… In addition to all this new revenue from tractor-trailer tickets, the TRA and its directors also would gain fabulous new patronage powers under Hill’s bill to fill positions outside of civil service for the next two years.”[33]

Rep. Hill re-introduced Tennessee workplace legislation during 2010 as HB2685,[34] mandating that employees can only legally speak English at Tennessee workplaces.[35]

During 2011 Rep. Hill introduced his HB1705 nullification bill (sponsored in the Tennessee Senate by Senator Stacey Campfield SB1474) that would direct the Tennessee General Assembly to …appoint a committee to review all federal laws and regulations for constitutionality; requires the committee to submit for a vote of the general assembly all federal laws and regulations it deems to be invalid under the Tennessee or federal constitutions.[36][37]

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False cancer cure claims lead to federal charges against five US companies

  • Posted on March 10, 2014 at 4:25 am

Saturday, September 20, 2008 

The United States Federal Trade Commission filed charges against five companies for “deceptive advertising of bogus cancer cures”. An additional six companies also named in the federal agency’s complaint have settled and their cases will not go into litigation; however, they will be required to send letters to their former customers, and four will be forced to offer reimbursement

The five companies charged are Omega Supply, San Diego, California; Native Essence Herb Company, El Prado, New Mexico; Daniel Chapter One, Portsmouth, Rhode Island; Gemtronics, Inc., Franklin, North Carolina, and Herbs for Cancer, Surprise, Arizona. According to Lydia Parnes, director of the Federal Trade Commission’s Bureau of Consumer Protection, “There is no credible scientific evidence that any of the products marketed by these companies can prevent, cure, or treat cancer of any kind.”

Attorney Richard Jaffe who represents the firm Native Essence, one of the companies charged, protested against the FDA’s action. “In our view it’s a battle between the right to speak and the government’s censorship.” Native Essence sells herbal supplements and informs customers of herbs that have historic use for cancer and other ailments. Jaffe asserts the claim of historic use is truthful and does not necessarily mean that the herb is effective. Other items marketed by the companies named in the action include laetrile, essiac tea, mushroom extracts, and black salve. FDA representative Douglas Stearn expressed concern that people who have cancer may select these items instead of treatments that have been studied and found effective, or that unstudied herbal treatments could produce drug interactions with conventional medicine.

Before filing legal action the FTC sent over 100 warning letters and many firms dropped or changed the health claims for their products. In conjunction with the announcement the FDA announced a new website http://www.ftc.gov/curious that urges cancer patients to discuss all treatments they consider trying with their physicians, warns about the dangers of delaying or stopping cancer treatments in favour of alternative medicine, and gives advice about spotting and reporting false health claims.

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